The Career Path of an Ultrasound Technician

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sonographerWe should be practical when it comes to looking for a work. The work should be high paying and will be able to make ends meet and help you live a comfortable life. But at the same time, it should also allow you to be satisfied and grow professionally too. This is also very important factor when looking for this kind of job. And luckily, there is one work that can give you both a high paying and an opportunity of professional growth.

The ultrasound technician salary is relatively very competitive if you compare it with other works you can find elsewhere. This will allow you to be able to live a modest life. And your salary will continue to increase once you are able to land a job. And with hard work and determination, you will get further and further.

Requirements Before You Can Apply

As noted at Ultrasound Exchange, ultrasound technician requirements are something you need to accomplish first before you can work as an ultrasound technician. This is a prerequisite. No employer will ever dare hire you if you have not finished any ultrasound technician training or graduated from any ultrasound technician school. And just make sure that wherever you decide to enroll to, it should be a qualified and certified school or institution. You will basically have two choices.

One is that you an undergo a 4 year bachelor’s degree course in diagnostic medical sonography. This is being offered in top universities and schools. Another choice is to apply for a two year training course and get an associate’s degree. This is relatively shorter and is being offered in vocational schools and other institutions. But enrolling in schools is not your only option. You can also choose to directly get your training directly in certain hospitals. The Armed Forces also offers ultrasound technician training.

Medical Billing And Coding: Certification Is A Good Tool

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coderMany people are confused as to whether they should pursue a medical billing and coding certification. They wonder if the credential will actually be a stepping stone to advancing their career, and if the time and money spent in the educational process, will pay off. Is the sacrifice worth it?

To be a certified medical billing and coding specialist, one would have needed to complete the specified medical billing and coding course program, that would prepare them for the state mandated examinations. After taking the exam and passing, a certification is then presented.

One of the main benefits of obtaining your certification is that it gives the job seeking individual more of an advantage over other candidates applying for the same position. The certification imply that you have taken the serious steps to improve your position with furthering your knowledge within the field, and that in turn, makes you more of value to perspective employers. A certification is a tool of honor.

How Certification Can Promote A Home-based Business

Many medical billers have entertained the idea of medical billing and coding from home, as a convenient and flexible way to still make an income, to help their families, but also, giving them the ability to choose the hours they work, so that they can raise their children. This approach has become more and more popular these days, with working mothers, that many have been cleared spaces in their homes, and set up home offices.

To be able to process claims at home, one would need to either make an arrangement with their employer, or initiate and engage in contracted employment with doctors who outsource their billing. Many physicians, have been outsourcing their billing to independent billing contractors, due to the expenses that are involved in employing a full time candidate.

Most people who choose to have a home based medical billing and coding business, already are certified in the field and very familiar with the privacy rules that govern this type of business, as well as have the needed medical insurance software programs that enable them to be successful in their job and provide excellent service to their clients. They know that deadlines are important to the client and that efficiency and accuracy is vital to their success. Most biller and coders have developed a network of others who can help them in a pinch if needed.

The fact is, that the way the economy is at this present moment, it just makes good sense for anyone wishing to have their own business at home, with medical billing and coding.

New Advances in X Ray Technician Imaging

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One of the more exciting innovations to come along is Diagnostic Radiology, which is moving into realms of great promise. Thanks to these, technological advances investigative procedures can be made far less invasive. In other words, what is needed to rely less on surgical procedures that are performed just to diagnose what the problem is. Two major radiographic innovations that are now being taught in x-ray technologist schools that are very exciting are the PET Scan and MR Spectroscopy.

PET Scan Technology

pet-scanningThe word PET stands for Positron Emission Tomography. It is a kind of Computer Tomography that can display in brilliant color the working regions of the brain, while it is working in real time. That is, when an activity is being performed the PET scan shows which part of the brain is related to this and how much harder it is working than other parts of the brain.

Physicians are able to gather valuable research and information on many of today’s neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementias, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and Down’s Syndrome through the engagement of PET Scans. Even the tiniest of tumors can be detected.

However, there are numerous countries that have not begun to utilize the new technology such as India. Currently, patients who require these scans are being referred to medical facilities in Manila, and other nearby medically advanced regions

MR Spectroscopy

The technology also making waves around the world is known as MR or MRS, which stands for Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. An MR Image is an extremely high-quality image that is created through the combination of a magnetic field and radio waves.

MRS can measure non-invasively or without resorting to surgical means, the biochemical constituents of living tissue. This is very useful in finding out about tissue abnormalities. Formerly, the only way of examining tissue was getting a scraping of it and studying it under a microscope in a lab.

MR allows the x-ray technologist, to study it directly from the patient. In some cases biopsies can be avoided or biopsy findings can simply be confirmed by using MRS. MRS studies are valuable in evaluating brain tumors, dementia, head trauma etc.

Computerization has impacted healthcare in many ways, and this has added value to Radiology. Images can now be digitized. Instead of using conventional film, electronic devices are used to capture images. These can be viewed on a computer or TV monitor. The images are sharper and can be manipulated.