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Juvenile & Family Division Referrals

Referrals to the Missouri Juvenile & Family Division for law offenses or status offenses. Law offenses include all criminal violations except infractions, municipal ordinances, and violation of court order offenses. Infractions, municipal ordinances, and violations of court orders are considered status offenses as of 2013. Other common status offenses include behavior injurious to self/others, habitually absent from home, truancy, and being beyond parental control. This measure includes all referrals, whether or not they are substantiated. Some referrals are both law and status offenses; therefore, "total law or status offenses" may not be the sum of law and status offenses. Referrals may serve as a proxy for public views on youth in the community, whereas subtantiated law and/or status offenses are a better measure of actual youth interaction with the juvenile justice system.