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Death Rate by Race (All Causes)

Death rate for Boone County and Missouri for any cause. Includes overall death rate for all races, white, and black or African-American.

Bolded values indicate margins of error, hover over them to view in detail.

YearByState of MissouriBoone County
2006 - 2016

818.81 per 100,000 residents

698.31 per 100,000 residents


977.88 per 100,000 residents

1,005.01 per 100,000 residents


803.60 per 100,000 residents

683.20 per 100,000 residents

Data Source: MOPHIMS - MOPHIMS is a series of data profiles related to health indicators. Profiles include Maternal, Infant and Child, Chronic Disease, Death and Injury, County-Level Study, Hospital and Emergency Room Visits, and Special Demographic Profiles.
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