` Columbia BID Project


The Boone Indicators Dashboard (BID) presents a variety of health, education, social, economic, and housing data for issues relevant to Boone County, Missouri. The purpose of the BID project is to make this information readily available to diverse community stakeholders who require data to more effectively inform and align community planning, resource investment, and performance management and monitoring.

To explore the Boone Indicators Dashboard, Data Warehouse, Community Profile, Equity Analysis, and Resources, click on the applicable tab in the navigation bar at the top of each page.

Indicators are selected based on applicability and the criteria that the data are collected and regularly made available by the sources. Users can click on the title of an indicator to view more details about a specific indicator. The data set can be downloaded into a spreadsheet by clicking on the download icon on the right side of each indicator. The data is updated bi-annually in spring and fall. Each update includes the most current data that the source has available.


The purpose of the Dashboard is to clearly outline our community’s performance in four priority community issue areas, as identified by the BID partners. For each issue area, key indicators of performance are included. Indicators include data for City of Columbia, Boone County, and the State of Missouri (when available). Benchmarks, targets, and progress toward the targets are included for each indicator. When available, the Dashboard includes vital equity indictors of disparities.

Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse is a thorough, searchable database containing a variety of indicators. The purpose of the data warehouse is to build information capacity for community stakeholders by providing the resources for them to find the specific data and sources they need.

There are numerous indicators available and browsing all of them can quickly become overwhelming. To start exploring, we recommend selecting a single population or issue area to view a cross section of that specific category. Users can click on the title of an indicator to view more details about a specific indicator. The data set can be downloaded into a spreadsheet by clicking on the download icon on the right side of each indicator.

If you are looking for a specific indicator, the Advanced Search option allows for more targeted searching by indicator name and source. Data for the Boone Indicators Dashboard comes from several sources including the American Community Survey (ACS), the Missouri Public Health Information Management System (MOPHIMS), the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), the Missouri Department of Mental Health (DMH), the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), and Boone County school districts.

Equity Analysis

The purpose of the Equity Analysis is to identify disparities in several important indicators of health and well-being in our community. Racial disparities are highlighted to encourage the further examination of inequity and systemic and institutionalized racism in our communities and their effect on community members. Equity data for the City of Columbia and Boone County is displayed, when available.


Our Resources include special reports developed by the BID partners and links to key sources of data.

BID Partners

Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services

Our mission is to promote and protect the health, safety, and well-being of the community through leadership, partnership, and service. To this end, PHHS provides and purchases a variety of health and human services, and coordinates and leads community efforts to address critical community issues. We utilize the Boone Indicators Dashboard to inform and align our work, and to measure our progress in improving outcomes and narrowing disparities.

Boone County Community Services Department

Our mission is to support the greatest possible level of independence and self-sufficiency of Boone County residents by promoting their physical, mental, and social well-being to cultivate a safe and healthy community.

Heart of Missouri United Way

Our Mission is Heart of Missouri United Way fights to improve lives in our community.

Our Vision states that our community wins by Living United:

  • By responding to changing community needs.
  • By forging strategic partnerships and fostering effective solutions to tackle local issues.
  • By harnessing the best resources and inspiring others to join the fight in defeating barriers to basic needs, health, education and financial stability.