` Columbia BID Project

Our basic needs are met.

Affordable Housing

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Housing Cost Burden

City of ColumbiaTotal36.2% in 2013-201734.20% in 2018-2022
Boone CountyTotal31.6% in 2013-201730.10% in 2018-2022
State of MissouriTotal27.7% in 2013-201725.90% in 2018-2022--
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Home Ownership

City of ColumbiaTotal46.7% in 2013-201748.80% in 2018-2022
Boone CountyTotal54.8% in 2013-201757.60% in 2018-2022
State of MissouriTotal63.8% in 2013-201767.60% in 2018-2022--


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Child Poverty Rate

City of ColumbiaTotal15.90% in 2013-201716.80% in 2018-2022
Boone CountyTotal15.20% in 2013-201715.70% in 2018-2022
State of MissouriTotal20.00% in 2013-201716.60% in 2018-2022--
Equity Statement: In the City of Columbia, Black children have a poverty rate more than eight times higher than White children. In Boone County, Black children have a poverty rate more than six times higher than White children.