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This page contains special reports developed by the BID partners and links to other data sets.

Local Data Reports

Columbia/Boone County Community Health Improvement Plan 2021 Annual Report

September, 2021

Executive Summary: A Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) intends to serve as a process to meet the vision for the health of the community and as a framework for organizations to use in leveraging resources, engaging partners, and identifying their own priorities and strategies for community health improvement.

Boone Indicators Dashboard Special Report - Economic Opportunity

May 20, 2019

Executive Summary: Economic opportunity in Boone County, Missouri, can be framed around five key ingredients, based on the work of Raj Chetty and colleagues: residential integration, income equity, family stability, quality public schools, and social capital. With key investments in these five categories, residents and families in Boone County, the City of Columbia, and the Columbia Public School District can move toward greater equity, which will allow our community to become a place where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Cradle to Career Alliance

Most recent: 2020

Additional Resources

City of Columbia - Citizen Survey

Most Recent: 2019

The City of Columbia conducted its 11th DirectionFinder survey during the winter of 2019. The City’s first DirectionFinder survey was conducted in the spring of 2003. The purpose of this survey was to assist the City in its on-going effort to identify and respond to resident concerns while also assessing citizen satisfaction with the delivery of major city services, helping determine priorities for the community and measuring strategic performance.

Columbia Public Schools - Balanced Scorecard

Most recent: Dec 8, 2021

The Columbia Public Schools Scorecard is intended to inform the public of district performance in a number of key indicators. These indicators were chosen by Columbia Public Schools based on areas of interest identified by our community and school district employees as well as state performance indicators.

County Health Rankings

Most recent: 2021

The County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, a program of the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, works to improve health outcomes for all and to close the health disparities between those with the most and least opportunities for good health. This work is rooted in a deep belief in health equity, the idea that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, income, location, or any other factor.

Missouri Profile

Boone County Profile

Missouri Census Data Center

Most recent: 2019

The Missouri Census Data Center (MCDC) is a cooperative program among state agencies in Missouri and the U.S. Bureau of the Census. Its purpose is to enhance awareness of and access to public data, especially Census Bureau products.

The MCDC data archive, which includes many national collections as well as Missouri-specific data, is one of the premier sites in the country for accessing census and other public, machine-readable demographic and geographic data. Data may be accessed directly, via the public machine readable data archive, or by using one of the custom applications.

Missouri Data

Boone County Data

Missouri Hunger Atlas

Most recent: 2019

The Missouri Hunger Atlas 2019 – now in its 5th edition – visually engages readers to better understand hunger in Missouri. Through a series of indicator maps and tables, the Atlas details the extent of food insecurity in all 114 Missouri counties and the city of St. Louis. The Atlas also assesses the performance of a host of public and private programs intended to help people struggling with hunger.

Boone County Profile