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Median Family Household Income

City of ColumbiaTotal$76,202 in 2013-2017$97,335 in 2018-2022
Boone CountyTotal$75,064 in 2013-2017$96,219 in 2018-2022
State of MissouriTotal$64,776 in 2013-2017$84,745 in 2018-2022--
Equity Statement: In the City of Columbia and Boone County, the median family income for Black families is just over 50% of the median family income for White families.
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Gini Index of Income Inequality

City of ColumbiaTotal0.51 in 2012-20160.49 in 2018-2022
Boone CountyTotal0.48 in 2012-20160.48 in 2018-2022
State of MissouriTotal0.46 in 2012-20160.47 in 2018-2022--
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Unemployment Rate

Boone CountyTotal2.3% in 20182.0% in 2022
State of MissouriTotal3.1% in 20182.5% in 2022--
Note that this data is the average annual unemployment rate. To view the monthly unemployment numbers at the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Click here for State of Missouri, Click here for Boone County.

Academic Achievement

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Where High School Graduates Go

City of Columbia2-Year College23.1% in 201818.2% in 2022--
City of Columbia4-Year College49.7% in 201848.0% in 2022--
City of ColumbiaEmployment15.4% in 201815.1% in 2022--
Boone County2-Year College26.5% in 201836.2% in 2022--
Boone County4-Year College37.6% in 201829.6% in 2022--
Boone CountyEmployment27.7% in 201826.7% in 2022--
State of Missouri2-Year College26.6% in 201822.9% in 2022--
State of Missouri4-Year College38.0% in 201834.0% in 2022--
State of MissouriEmployment23.3% in 201825.9% in 2022--
High school graduates go many different valid routes and therefore trends are not applicable for this indicator, see additional categories in the full indicator.
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3rd Grade Reading Proficiency

City of ColumbiaTotal45.1% in 201837.8% in 2022
Boone CountyTotal47.2% in 201837.5% in 2022
State of MissouriTotal48.6% in 201841.4% in 2022--
Equity Statement: In Columbia Public Schools, Black students are almost four times less likely to score proficient or advanced on the assessment compared to White students.
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High School Graduation Rate (4 year)

City of ColumbiaTotal88.4% in 201889.7% in 2022
Boone CountyTotal95.9% in 201892.9% in 2022
State of MissouriTotal89.4% in 201889.7% in 2022--
Equity Statement: In Columbia Public Schools, Black students graduate at a rate of 10% lower than White students.