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Median Family Household Income

City of ColumbiaTotal$75,970 in 2012-2016$88,210 in 2017-2021
Boone CountyTotal$72,896 in 2012-2016$87,935 in 2017-2021
State of MissouriTotal$62,285 in 2012-2016$77,976 in 2017-2021--
Equity Statement: In the City of Columbia and Boone County, the median family income for Black families is just over 60% of the median family income for White families. [View more]
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Gini Index of Income Inequality

City of ColumbiaTotal0.52 in 2012-20160.49 in 2017-2021
Boone CountyTotal0.48 in 2012-20160.47 in 2017-2021
State of MissouriTotal0.46 in 2012-20160.46 in 2017-2021--
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Unemployment Rate

Boone CountyTotal2.6% in 20173.00% in 2021
State of MissouriTotal3.70% in 20174.40% in 2021--

Academic Achievement

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Where High School Graduates Go

City of Columbia2-Year College20.0% in 201716.8% in 2021
City of Columbia4-Year College46.2% in 201748.8% in 2021
City of ColumbiaEmployment14.1% in 201714.5% in 2021
Boone County2-Year College28.8% in 201729.46% in 2021
Boone County4-Year College35.9% in 201727.2% in 2021
Boone CountyEmployment24.9% in 201721.7% in 2021
State of Missouri2-Year College26.7% in 201724.6% in 2021--
State of Missouri4-Year College38.1% in 201734.3% in 2021--
State of MissouriEmployment22.8% in 201725.3% in 2021--
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3rd Grade Reading Proficiency

City of ColumbiaTotal45.1% in 201837.5% in 2021
Boone CountyTotal47.2% in 201846.1% in 2019--
State of MissouriTotal48.6% in 201841.6% in 2021--
Equity Statement: In Columbia Public Schools, black students are more than two and a half times less likely to score proficient or advanced on the assessment compared to white students. [View more]
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High School Graduation Rate (4 year)

City of ColumbiaTotal90.0% in 201789.1% in 2021
Boone CountyTotal95.4% in 201795.6% in 2021
State of MissouriTotal89.0% in 201789.3% in 2021--
Equity Statement: In Columbia Public Schools, black students graduate at a rate almost 10% lower than white students. [View more]